Let us talk about ourselves a little...

Transportation in land is an indispensable exigence for both Turkey and the whole world. From the point of production to the point of consumption, road transport vehicles provide swift and direct transport of goods. Under any and all conditions, development of marketing and production in Turkey will continue to grow. In parallel with the market and product developments, we as vehicle bodywork manufacturer, our team continuing its endeavor with zealous conviction and modern methods without abandoning the trust of our customers to provide reliable and better quality standarts to the Turkish market ever since 1971 to present day.

While working systematicly with faith & conscious we aim to be be available and reacheable before and after sales to met with the expectations and satisfaction of our customers. Developing awareness to the environment of our world and leaving a livable place for future generations should be the common purpose of every sane individual. Our factory continue its production by following the the latest technological developments in an 10,000m² closed area. As Coskunlar Karoser, we continue our activities as the market leader in Turkey in the vehicle bodywork production. We produce 1800 trucks and pickup trucks per year including wooden body with our without damper, excavation damper, normal dorse, pilot damper and last but not least, closed truck carriages.

In our development & revival process, our company intends to expand the production and service area of Coskun Tuğla, Coskun Toprak, our fueling stations, recreational facilities, our sales & distribution services and of our dealers such as Petrol Ofisi, Aytemiz - Lassa / Bridgestone to reach & to engage more with our dear customers. With our meritorious customers, material providers and the purity we share with our workers, we are working hard to make Turkey more powerful and indexed to continuous development. We should not just try to enter EU. We should be such an indispensable country for them to seek our partnership.

With love and respect, we hope for this desire and determination’s permanency.

Coskun Company Group