As Coskun Company Group, with our valuable customers, business partners and friends, we have served you with the trade services such as fuel-oil, automotive, construction materials etc. And in 2010, we added a new service the construction sector, to met you with a new concept.

Our company has signed the project of "Panorama Houses" in the center of our fair city Yozgat, is now serving our esteemed friends with a brand new project, "Kentpark Panorama Houses". As of today, our companies always had the motto of "trust & quality first" and always going to have the same. We are giving our word that under the "HSC Construction Corperation." roof we will again show the same devotion and the same tenacity for our work.

Happy Living ...

This project consists of 2 blocks and 186 flats, totaling more than 47,000 m² of construction area in the center of Yozgat, 150 of which are 4+1 flats, 32 of which are 3+1 flats, 4 are 2+1 flats and last but not least, 10 of them are preserved for stores and 2 indoor parking lot... A secure infrastructure that gives you and your family a life you can be happy with.

• Each block has two elevators, one for normal use and one for load & cargo
• Indoor and outdoor parkinglot
• Sprink fire extinguishing system in indoor parkinglot
• Structures in accordance with earthquake regulations
• Heat and moist insulation on basement and rooftops
• 24 hours available hot water
• Central natural gas system
• Fire cabinets in floor halls
• Two flats for concierges

Kentpark Panorama

Variable social areas...

In addition to the advantage for being close to the Kentpark, we have not forgotten the rich social areas of the project which has settled in a green neighborhood with its proximity to the Regional Hospital, Yozgat Governorship and Spor Vadisi.

• A garden where you can relax alone with your family, or with your neighbors

• Garden Hut

• Children's playgrounds

• Site security departments serving 24/7

Kentpark Panorama.jpg

• Saloon: 31.40 m²
• Living Room:  18.30 m²
• Kitchen: 19.80 m²
• Balcony: 7.70 m²
• Parents Bedroom: 17.90 m²
• Wardrobe room: 4.00 m²
• Shower: 4.20 m²
• Child Bedroom: 10.30 m²
• Child Bedroom: 11.70 m²
• Balcony: 4.40 m²
• Washstand:  2.90 m²
• Hall: 4.40 m²
• Entree: 10.40 m²

Kentpark Panorama

• Saloon: 32.50 m²
• Living Room: 18.80 m²
• Kitchen: 17.30 m²
• Balcony: 7.50 m²
• Parents Bedroom: 16.00 m²
• Wardrobe room:  2.50 m²
• Shower: 3.80 m²
• Child Bedroom: 10.80 m²
• Balcony:  6.60 m²
• Washstand:  2.60 m²
• Hall: 2.80 m²
• Entree: 10.20 m²

Kentpark Panorama


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