Corporations of Coskun Group

  • Vehicle Carriage Manufacturing MORE DETAIL

    As Coşkunlar Karoser, we construct 400+ various vehicle carriage bodies & truck dampers, from wood to steel, enclosed carriages, pilot dampers, earthwork dampers so on and so forth every year.

  • Earthworks Industry MORE DETAIL

    Established in Yozgat in 1993 as Coşkun Toprak San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. Our factory that is on 50.000m² area, can produce 60 million pieces of of brick with 30 different types with fully automated, no-hands system.

  • Brick & Bims MORE DETAIL

    Currently we continue to serve with 2 factories, by working 12 months a year, we have the capacity to manufacture and transport 100.000.000 pieces of brick / per year.

  • Motorized Vehicles & Fuel-Oil MORE DETAIL

    With Coşkunlar Motorlu Araçlar ve Akaryakıt Tic. A.Ş. (Motorized Vehicles and fuel-oil Tra. Inc.) which is founded in 1969, we have the dealership of technologically superior sector giants like Lassa and Bridgestone on tire business.

  • Fuel-Oil MORE DETAIL

    With the dealership of Aytemiz Petrol on 2 locations within the boundaries of Yozgat, we serves the market with %100 domestic capital funds.

  • Relaxation Facilities MORE DETAIL

    In 1992 our Restaurant and Relaxation Facilities opened in an area that in size of 10.000m² to serve the intercity transport companies, regular drivers and family customers as firmly as possible

  • Vehicle Inspection Stations MORE DETAIL

    Adding the long coming experience of Coşkun Company Group to working principles of TÜVTÜRK, we are ensuring our customer satisfaction policy without any exceptions.

  • Building Materials MORE DETAIL

    Coşkun İnşaat Malz. Turizm İth. İhr. Ve San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. which is established in 1996, has been supplying its products to the building materials market from the day was founded.

  • Panorama Houses Yozgat MORE DETAIL

    Panorama Houses, which is located at the old beer distillery has been built on a 35.000m² wide area with 16 storeys and 11 blocks offers 2 different concepts of 3+1 155m² and 4+1 flats.


    When our management board met with the modeling world as a hobby, shortly after seeing all the trouble modelling world is having, PilotTR is established in the constitution of Coskun Company Group in 2012 as an online sales shop.

  • Kentpark Panorama Houses MORE DETAIL

    Kentpark Panorama Houses located in the centre of the Yozgat that has 47.255,94m² construction site. It’s a modern project with total of 186 flats. In detail, 150 of the flats are 4+1, 32 of the flats are 3+1 flats and lastly, 4 of the flats are 2+1.

  • Novada Yozgat AVM MORE DETAIL

    With it's world famous brands, cafes, restaurants and entertainment areas, Novada AVM gives a new habitat to the Yozgat through the light of the partnership of Coşkun Company Group and TurkMall.