Aytemiz, which entered the petroleum sector with bulk gas and fuel oil in 1963, distributes petroleum with 100% domestic capital. As of today, with 115.000 m³ storage capacity and filling stations in Mersin, İzmit, Kırıkkale and Trabzon, Aytemiz is continuing its far reaching operations with 11 supply points in all regions of Turkey.

Aytemiz Petrol, which serves in petroleum sector with 100% domestic capital, has 2 dealers wihin the borders of Yozgat. As of 2016, Aytemiz has increased its number of contracted dealers more than 500 (and counting) it continues its fuel distribution and dealership forming activities throughout the country region with its own brand name and an it fastens it’s growth momentum every day.

The fundemental reason why we took the dealership of Aytemiz is that we find their operating experience with quality products that merges with modern technology compatible with our standarts.

Aytemiz intends to be the most reliable and preferred fuel distribution company in the sector and to take place in the top of the list, in terms of market share and storage capacity by applying most succesfull organization models and most functional fueling station projects which are accomplished in world petroleum products sector and constantly supervising its personnel’s training.

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